Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Best Man Wedding Speech

Ladies & Gentlemen, Bride & Groom.

If I could have your attention please, I would like to say a few words. My name is Joys and I have the honour of sharing Best Man duties with another close friend of mine Dallas (who's sitting over there). Ablo wanted Dallas to bear the rings, and for me to stand up in front of you all of you because I'm the better-looking of the two.

Just kidding ... however everyone knows that Devina really is the most beautiful girl in the room ... and I can firmly say that Ablo is a very, very lucky man. Devina ... you are also somewhat lucky.

I just want to say that if parents, aunties and uncles weren't in the room I would easily have 20 minutes of hilarious material. Unfortunately, after censorship I can barely make a 5 minute mediocre speech. I really wanted tell you all about an Ablo story, which happened one fateful 31st night at Global Towers .... but I can't because Ablo would cry.

One thing that has been apparent to all the groomsmen during the planning of this wedding, is Ablo's commitment and dedication to getting everything perfect. I know that Ablo would be happy just being married, but for him .... this wedding ... he did it all for Devina.

For those of you who know, Ablo has done very well for himself and is very successful at only 24 ... and all of it is to do with Devina, as she is the sole driving force and motivation to keep him going. We are all envious of him as he has built a successful career, a beautiful house and soon will build a wonderful family. Like all people, Ablo had struggled with many barriers, his determination and love for everything that he does has earned him everything that he deserves.

When we think of Ablo, two things stand out... his love for his Family and his passion for Business. Ablo is such a good salesman that he could sell sunglasses to a blind man, kaki to a toilet cleaner or a treadmill to Gayan. Back in the day, Dallas and I would hang out and Ablo would come over... we thought he would come chill and play video games with us... but instead he came to see our fathers and talk business. When we all came back to Sri Lanka after university, we discovers that all of Ablo's new friends were 40 year old men wearing suits. That being said... when he comes and hangs out with us... he goes back to the immature kid we all know and love back in school.

Those close to Ablo know that he has an insane obsession with professional wrestling on TV. Whether it is play fighting at home, talking about it like it is a real sport or imitating the walk in entrances of professional wrestlers to the point that he spits out water from his mouth inside our homes. All of the groomsmen till this day... honestly believe that Ablo does not know that wrestling is fake.

I like to leave this speech with my very first memory of Ablo... which was his competitive edge at an inter-house Basketball event. Ablo had just joined British School... and the teams had already been picked... and as I was playing for my house... Ablo was trying to convince me... that his house should have chosen him to play as he was an ex-Gateway captain. So... I passed him the basketball and he dribbled it with two hands.

Two people who were meant to be an important part of the Bridal party are unable to be with us today. However I asked them both for a few sentiments which they would have shared had they been here.

Jacky says,
Congratulations Ablo and Devina... Wish I could have been there myself. But this wedding is about you two, wish you all the best.
Sorry again that I missed the wedding, but I will definitely not be missing your 50th anniversary in the future...

We all love you and happy that you've found the best thing in your life

-Jacky Salim.

Gayani says,
Ablo and Devina -
I'm so honoured that you asked me to be apart of your wedding, and so sorry that I could not be here today.

Ablo, I have known you longer than anyone in the wedding party, including the bride, and that makes it all the more harder to not be here today. You've been an amazing friend the past 10 years, and I know that you will make an amazing husband - Devina is very lucky to have you.

Devina, You are one of the most caring and loyal people I know and I know that you will always stand by Ablo. You're also slightly nuts, but thats what makes you great AND perfect for Ablo :) I know that by not being here with you today, I'm missing out a LOT.

As corny as this is going to sound, i have known you guys separately and together, and I know that together you complement each other like no one else could. I'd consider myself very lucky if one day i found something half as good as what you guys have together.

I love you and wish you both the best in life.

- Gayani Abeysinghe

With that I'd like to ask everyone to raise their glasses in honour of the Bride and Groom.